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Did you know...
Cloeren dies can pay for themselves within months.

Increasing Yield

In the film and sheet coextrusion industry, raw material costs can comprise 60 to 70 percent of the total cost of production. So, improving yield is important for every manufacturer. 

Several factors determine yield:

  • Start up time
  • Edge bead reduction 
  • Flatness
  • Layer-to-layer and total thickness uniformity
  • Repeatability 


Faster start up

The faster you can start equipment from either a change in product formulation/configuration or a cold start, the better your yield. Cloeren products can typically be back on spec within a few minutes. 

Works out of the box 

Cloeren has an understanding of the process and maintains a personal attention to design that helps the customer improve yield, and therefore, improve profits.  At Cloeren, we think “outside the box” so the products we design work out of the box.