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Did you know...
Under controlled process conditions, Cloeren dies can produce on spec within minutes.

Rigid Packaging

Microwavable Food Cups – Cloeren has also helped develop innovative products such as microwavable soup cups and noodle bowels with unique designs that reduce waste and increase production. 

Fountain Drink or Coffee Cups, Trays, Plates and Barrier sheets – Cloeren Feedblocks and Dies for monolayer or coextruded sheet extrusion offer the most consistent layer to layer and total thickness uniformity resulting in outstanding product quality. 

Clamshell Packaging, Disposable Storage Containers and Foamed Trim Boards – Cloeren technologies allow appliance sheet manufacturers to produce thinner, more uniform multi-layer sheets. Cloeren offers the most diverse and innovative portfolio of solutions for sheet extrusion.

Side-by-side Coextrusion – Cloeren’s technology allows customers to create side-by-side material, in different color variations, to help save on printing cost while keeping the end product visually appealing.