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Cloeren Feedblocks

Cloeren’s fundamentally sound designs provide you the comfort of technical sustainability. Our Feedblocks handle a wide range of polymers, rates and structures, from 2 layers to 1,000+ layers with industry leading performance and tolerances. To meet your specific needs for versatility and economics, Cloeren offers a variety of Feedblocks — Variable Geometry (VG™) Feedblocks, Fixed Geometry (FG™) Feedblocks, NanoLayer™ Feedblocks and InfiNano™ Feedblocks (Infinite number of layers with Nano individual layer thicknesses) for the production of NanoLayer Films™.

VG™ Variable Geometry Feedblocks   FG™ Fixed Geometry Feedblocks   NanoLayer™ Feedblocks

The most versatile of the Feedblock designs is the patented Variable Geometry (VG™) Feedblock. It features the Cloeren developed Selector Plug™ Cartridge, plus our externally adjustable vane and distribution pin designs.

• Movable Vane Designs
• Distribution Pin Designs



The Cloeren Fixed Geometry (FG™) Feedblock comprises removably mounted, fixed geometry flow inserts and a Selector Plug™ Cartridge for layer sequencing. The FG Feedblock is simple to set up and operate, and is best suited for the more defined process and high viscosity applications such as sheet.


Developed in 2002, Cloeren’s NanoLayer ™ Feedblocks enhance barrier performance, film toughness, film robustness, film modulus, film formability and/or film optics. These systems are used in applications such as: High Flex Barrier Film, Optical Film, Stretch Film and High Barrier Food Packing Film.

Feedblock Options
• TopHat™
• The Selector Plug™ Cartridge
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