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Cloeren has been considered the performance standard in the industry for decades.

Lip Adjustment Systems

Cloeren AutoGauge™ Automatic Lip Adjustment System – This system helps reduce thickness variation across the width of the film resulting in the use of less raw material to meet product specifications. The system, in conjunction with an appropriate gauging system, adjusts the die lip to optimize cross machine gauge uniformity and maximize production cost and product quality. The AutoGauge™ System helps get on spec faster and achieve tighter tolerance thicknesses.

QuickGap™ Lip Adjustment System – This feature, in combination with the Cloeren hinged die lip, allows for adjustment of the die nominal lip gap by as much as 7.6 mm. Instead of multiple lip adjustments or removable lip changes requiring excessive downtime, QuickGap™ extends the lip adjustment range by up to 0.200-inch (5.1 mm) from a single adjustment point. Adjustments are accurate, reliable and repeatable. Medium to heavy-gauge sheet producers use this device to produce sheet over a broader thickness range with minimal change-over time. The QuickGap™ lip option may also be used as a quick-clean device, opening the lips to flush contaminants from the die.